BTR Awards

from the annual Red Tee Classic

3 putt champion: Don Stanley Shot of the year: Steve Doherty #14 Beatdown of the year: Tyrrell & Pierce over Doherty & McCann. 10 ways? Not best dressed: Mark Nardone Run away from matches with Shannon: Gregg Bonheur Slow play: Barry Kelleher Newman Award aka black shoes and white socks: Brian Theriault Thank God it was 10's: Mike McCann The real Assistant Commissioner: Jason Mottola Greyhound for being pickled by 09:00: You know who he is. Only guy to win with Jimmy Hyde: Jason Mottola Tailgater and whiner of the year: Mark Menery I moved next to an asian to get away from the asian I live next to now: Peter Hill I miss Rosely: Steve Doherty How to make a 12 on a hole: Jointly shared by Peter Hill and Mark Menery I lost the match 6 ways but won the robin: Steve Foley I went way over the line on email with Shannon: Don Stanley Has not paid Steve for the 400 Club: Gregg Bonheur Honorable Mentions: Corporate espionage: Judas Jimmy Riley Commissioner of the year and recipient of $250 Pro Shop gift certificate: Peter Tyrrell

3 putt champion: Back to back champion, Don Stanley. Shot of the year: Jason Mottola #16. Beatdown of the year: Earl Abdoo shutting out Carps, Hill, Nardone, and Rauh in a skins game for $550. Best use of three jack money: Celtics tickets for Tyrrell and Mottola. Largest spread on scores: Peter Hill ranging 73-91. Only 91 is the most surprising. Moose knuckle award: Steve Doherty. Still not best dressed: Mark Nardone aka LuLu. Slow play award: We have a 2018 three way tie! Kelleher, Bonheur, and Carps. Quote of the year: Mike Tyrrell asking Nardone who does his hair. Email of the year: See attached print out. How to make a 12 on a hole: Mike McCann joining the 2017 winners Menery & Hill. Best Majors performance: All won by Blue Tee Robin participants. BTR Cigar Dinner performance of the year: Tom Rauh. Most embarrassing moment: Brian Theriault ripping his shorts up the seam on #3. Says he caught them on the golf cart. Best 400 Club moment: Also Brian, Ace with his kids and thought everyone owed him $400. Where's Bruno: Someone kept him and we want him back. Who has him? Commissioner of the year: Still Peter Tyrrell! Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the 2018 Blue Tee Robin golf season. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and we’re all looking forward to 2019. -Commish & Assistant Commish

3 putt champion: Ryan Walsh, dethrones back to back champ Don with authority. Rookie of the year: Brad Batchelder Premature ejaculation award: When Walsh thought he made eagle on #7. I can’t play this weekend I will be busy getting turned down by a bridesmaid award: Mike Pierce Shot of the year: Mottola landing his 10th hole tee shot into the tree on right. Worst drive of the year: Nardone on #12. Beatdown of the year: McCann and some kid just off the pro tour wins 10 ways including junk 18 to 0. Runner up: Tyrrell over Hill in the Cap Grille series. Comeback of the year: Tyrrell over Murray 2 down with two to play and wins on first playoff hole. Also Gregg and Steve back to back down 2 with three to play in Four Ball and won both. Upset of the year: Floor over Bonheur in Club Championship. Still not best dressed: Mark Nardone, aka LuLu, aka Kaepernick. Slow play award: Back to back tie! Kelleher, Bonheur, and Carpentier. Innovation of the year award: Commish formats of Amen corners and pick six. How to make a 12 on a hole: Peter Hill 7 putted on #8? Yes. Best Majors performance: All won by Blue Tee Robin participants. Most money lost in a BTR round: Muffin especially after he takes Pete & Jay to dinner. Greyhound award: 3 time champion, you know who he is. Crumudgeon aka Mark Menery award: Don Stanley Commissioner of the year: Still Peter Tyrrell! Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the 2019 Blue Tee Robin golf season. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and we’re all looking forward to 2020. -Commish

2020 BTR Awards Covid Karen of the Year (tie): Pierce & Foley The Ford vs Ferrari award : Brad Flash in the pan award: Brad The Jekyll and Hyde award – Peter Hills Driver Least Improved: Walsh or Bonheur Greenskeeper of the year award – B Gorman Best Financial move of the year- Foley duping Doherty into selling his birdie pool ticket Best score keeper: foley The Earl Abdoo Greyhound Award goes to Earl Abdoo Worst at signing up for robins: Stevie D Worst at showing up for robins: Mottola, Lockhart, Muffin The Barry Human Rain Delay Kelleher slow player award – Carps Bookie of the Year – Carps Junior Worst dress – tie Janian’s Green shirt vs. Janian’s Orange shirt Beat down of the year- the full Haverhill Beat down of the year second place – Tyrrell over Hill Capital Grille series ~45 holes Worst hole award Gregg Bonheur 10+ first hole Ugliest shoes Brad B – light blue Caitlyn Jenner’s Email of the Year – submission of properly filled out card scorecards from the SL Administrator of the year – Walsh Best Comeback award – Nardone down to Don and Gorman 6-4-2-0 on the front lose 10 and 11to get closed out but win no money The Crumble Award – Lockharts 36-46 The sneaky sandy poley award to AJ Mansor The property damage as a willingful negligent act award – bonheur vs the little flag poles

BTR Awards Tournament Wins Stanley Theriault Memorial Day Tyrrell Carps July 4th Stanley Nardone 4Ball McCann Club Champ BTB Bonheur Sr Club Champ 50-59 Tyrrell Net Winnie Gross 60-69 Foley gross Payne Cup – Brad and Patrick Leyne Lets address the elephant in the room: James Fiorentino Award aka the Mayor of Haverhill award goes to me 3 consecutive Haverhills, 60 holes in a row winless with stalwarts like Foley Hill and Doherty bringing me down Insult of the year is “go tell people you social media pussy” from Gregg to Mottola George HW Bush award for poor strategery – Ryan Walsh having 2 54 degree wedges in the bag at the same time Budlight in a can only award – Earl Abdoo Sikorsky Helicopter of the year award – Lockhart – second Bonheur and Carrabes Alec Baldwin award aka didn’t know it was loaded when his shot to the fence on 16 tee – Stevie D The Richard Simmons Weight Loss/Curves Platinum Member award – Rob Carpentier Beat down of year is pierce/earl vs Mottola/Carrabes. 20 ways. Pierce birdied 18 (which was hole #9) to match Mottola’s birdie Email of the year is Tom Rauh congratulating Brad for winning member guest tourney pre-tourney 2nd place - Earl asking us to take his name off the greyhound award to clean up his internet presence Video of the year: Barry Kelleher Trump message, second place was McCann-Janian Barry White Video third place Mike White on the 4th video Worst putt of the year is Brian Lockhart on #1 on May 15th The Ricky Bobby first or last Award – Tom Tracy Most likely to talk about good they played, even though they lost their match: Mottola Most improved Driver of both the ball and the golf cart Brad B Comeback of the year award to finally playing the way he is supposed to play Peter Hill aka the 2021 Sizzlers Steakhouse Champion Most likely to have a heart attack if not if the first group: Nardone The Stevie D Award aka Worst at signing up for robins: Gorman, Stevie D Worst hats, but with best poorly sized logos: Reid Worst Dressed Award: Janian’s Bodega clam digging capri pants ties with almost anything Brett Jackson throws together in the dark The I can make Dave Pelz throw up award by watching my putting stroke – Steve Boghos The how many kids is enough award AJ Mansor Best man boobs Nardone v Reid v McCann Shot of the year: Mottola ace on 2 Up and down award tie – Carps making birdies on both 8 and 18 from roughly 265 yards out Three putt king – Rich Floor Drive of the year – Floor 18th tee to the rough next to the trap on 1 Notable Hole of the year Rich Floor #7 - I think I Lie 8 as that wasn’t a practice shot it was another whiff…he still shot 80 with an 11 I am the best dressed award tie – Mottola and Brad They Eyeore award for general positive thoughts on his game – Bob I might go back and start playing with Sheen Gorman The Marcicopa County award for those that lost in a card off 3 straight times Mark Nardone The Jekyll and Hide Award – Peter Hills Driver….currently the Good DoctorThe Green Jacket award for most cashes in the BTR this year Steve Foley Instructor of the Year – Darren Winnie

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