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Blue Tee Robin Rules

Robin entry fee is 30

Individual close outs are at 100% full handicap differential for the appropriate tees

Best ball matches are factored at 80% of the differential of the course handicap for the appropriate tees off of the lowest handicapper in the group. Anything over .5 gets rounded up to the whole number. There are no half shots.

BTR matches are one way for the front, two for back and two for the overall match, junk is one way, and all appropriate two down automatic presses are one way. Automatic 20/way match in group.

Junk is defined as:

  • gross eagles (worth 2)
  • birdies
  • sandies (up and down from a sand trap for par or better)
  • holing out for par or better from off the green
  • greenies (nearest to the pin on a par three on the green and holed with two putts or less).
  • Carryovers are induced to the next par three when a greenie is not achieved. If the greenie is not achieved on the last par 3 then the next hole shall be used and determined as the nearest to the pin in regulation or less and a two putt or less completed. This will continue thru the 18th hole if necessary.
  • Starting in 2022, a 3 putt for a greenie is a point for the other team, and the greenie still carries over

We do not invoke max payouts at the ACC during side matches. 14 ways is the max.

A full Haverhill is invoked (doubling of all bets) if the team that tees off first in tee number 1 never relinquishes honors throughout the match

Three jack pool is the total of three putts or greater on a hole or unfinished holes. The count begins upon first shot after being on the green aka if you putt it off the green the total number of strokes beginning with your first swing on the green shall be deemed the total.

During point quota events 16 points for double eagle, 8 for eagle on par 3’s and 4’s, 6 for eagles on par 5’s, 4 for birdies, 2 for par, 1 for bogeys, 0 for double bogeys, and -1 for a triple bogey or worse. Handicaps do not come into play on individual holes but are calculated to your quota target.

If u miss your tee time after signing up and have failed to find a replacement you will be fined 25 into the three putt pool.

Those participating in the birdie pool shall only count birdies from the blue tees during BTR sanctioned events.

Declaration of being in the 400 club requires that all parties in the foursome pay 400 to anyone making a hole in one. Participation should be determined by hole #5. Prompt payment of such events is expected (Mark).

As always Peter Tyrrell, The Supreme Leader, is the final arbiter of disputes.


Formats - all calculated off of 100% of blue tee handicap, net double bogey is maximum score allowed for robin scorekeeping purposes

  • Individual Quota = 36- your handicap. -1 point for gross triple bogey or higher , 0 points for gross double bogey, 1 point for gross bogey, 2 points for gross par, 4 points for gross birdie, 6 points for gross eagle on par 5, 8 points for gross eagle on par 3's and 4's, 16 points for a gross double eagle
  • Team Quota = combination of both players per the above rules
  • Individual Net = your gross score minus your blue tee handicap
  • Best Ball - best single net score on each hole
  • Corners = both scores will be used on holes 1, 9, 10, and 18
  • 3's and 5's = both scores to be used on holes 5, 7, 10, 11, 14, and 15
  • Hardest 6 = both scores to be used on holes 1, 3, 6, 13, 14, and 17
  • Easiest 6 = both scores to be used on 5, 8, 9, 12, 15, and 16
  • Hardest par 4's = both scores on 1,3, 4, 6, 13, and 18
  • Pick 6 = you must choose 6 holes to use both scores , holes must be declared before teeing off on the next hole
  • 2+ 2 plus 1 - both scores on 2 holes on the front nine 2 holes on the back nine and 1 hole on either side. Holes are declared before playing said hole
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